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giovedì 24 maggio 2012

Le Fatteincasa : Cagiva Cafe-Bobber by Oleg Ryloshko

 If you are interested - you can place on your site, I am a regular reader.

Hello, I live in Ukraine, last year I became the owner of the Elephant.

I have it all arranged, except that it is a regular serial bike .... which is quite a lot on our roads.

That thought came to me: to remake the Elephant, but make it so that nothing is cut and not welded, ie it back into a state ready to travel with luggage and passengerscould be in for a few hours.

During this winter's work done (except paint) and I want to share the results.

P.S. When writing used a translator, please do not kick.


2 commenti:

  1. i love it !
    directly from the movie MadMax

    pain?? oh no please leave iron-steel-ducati engine and no more! :)